Mrs. Marion Blau is featured as a most excellent stained glass artist

The Artist, Mrs. Marion Blau

Marion in front of a wonderful display of her lamps


               What a Treat!  Mrs. Marion Blau’s Work is displayed

               at Villa Marin!  Come and view them.  You will be 

               transported to an earlier time in your life!

                                                                                                           The work of our own Mrs. Marion Blau is featured in the lobby of Villa Marin.  Marion is most tallented in working with stained glass.  Her lamps, which were lovingly created from the illustrations of the most prominent children’s classics, are beautifully displayed. 

Three Beauties

Marion’s Stained Glass Lamps on Display at Villa Marin

 Seeing them lit, along with the illustration from the book, shows how wonderfully Marion was able to capture the character of the stories we all know so well.  Gazing at these beautiful objects returns us to the great childlike state Christ asks us to be as adults.  Her loving husband, Bob, assisted in these creations by making lovely bases for the lamps.  He is a great artist in his own right with wood and metal.  The bases provide an beautiful foundation to Marion’s lamps.                                                                                                 The Wizzard of Oz

Winnie The Pooh

       The Cat in the Hat

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