Jan 082014

Fr. Prudhomme’s final sermon before surgery is now posted on this site, see the sermons link to the right on this page. It is his farewell sermon before the church closes its doors the end of Januarry.  Please pray for the people who are effected by this change that they will find their way to nearby APCK Churches is San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley.  It is always hard for change and St Mark’s has been an active church in Marin for many years.  It is sad to be closing but it is also a reminder that nothing is permanent in this world.  God will provide because He always has and “He careth for you.”

Thanks to Fr Napier for filling in in Fr. Prudhomme’s absence and special thanks to Mr. Drew Stinnett for his faithfulness and assistance.  There will ne an annual meeting scheduled later in the month to formally close the church.

Fr Prudhomme is recovering at home during this period from back surgery.  He is healing well, but with spinal fusion, he will be unable to get back to church before the closure, the end of the month.

Dec 022013

 Sorry that the end of the Church year sermons had technical difficulty, but yesterday’s sermon is now posted. You missed some great ones the last two weeks, but enjoy this one. This is also a heads up, St Mark’s Church in Larkspur will be moving out of our building the end of January 2014 and due to low population and reduced funds will be having mid week Mass at the home of one of our dear friends, more to follow. Thrity some years in Larkspur with some wonderful folks. Your priest is sad about the changes and hopes to maintain contact through the midweek Mass. Please pray for all of us as we move into 2014.

Fr Prudhomme will be having spinal surgery on December 18th at the Oakland Kaiser Hospital to correct some structural problems in his lumbar back. He was told that he will be more upright after the fix. He will be away from the parish until his surgeon releases him to return to duties. Please pray for him and Susan and Lily, who will be caretakers while he recuperates.

Mr. Andrew Stinnett, our Layreader, will be reading Morning Prayer in Fr Prudhomme’s absence.  Thamks, Drew.

Oct 222013

Fr. Prudhomme and Mrs. Prudhomme have returned from vacation for this past Sunday.  They visited AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV and returned to good old CA, via Lake Tahoe.  It was good to see that everybody had safe travels too.

Next Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King, our Provincial Feast Day.  We will have sung Mass and incense to celebrate our King.  Come join us at 10 am for Mass.

We had a good Bible Study tonight at Peet’s in Novato (Hamilton Marketplace).  Remember Bible study is every Tuesday night at 6:30 pm.  We finished 2 Samuel and started 1 Kings tonight.  This is a good opportunity to study, have a great cup of coffee and share time and insights with friends.  Please join us, as each week stands alone.  You may join in any time, just bring a Bible.

May 062013

Here is posted the sermon for Last Sunday, 5th Sunday after Easter.  Prayer and Peace in Christ Jesus.  Intimacy is at the core, along with Sonship, the gift of Christ, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, which the Father will give when Jesus returns to Him.  Take a listen and feel the comfort. 

Click the link: http://stmarkschurchlarkspur.com/?page_id=155

Bible Study is tomorrow night, Tuesday, at Peet’s in So. Novato at 6:30 pm.  We continue our study in Judges.  Please bring your favorite Bible and join us for good coffee and study.

 Thursday is Ascension Day, don’t forget this Holy Day.


May 022013

Last Sunday sermon in now available by clicking the link: . http://stmarkschurchlarkspur.com/?page_id=155

Looking for stability in this world?  Think again.  There is however stability in Christ Jesus, His Father and the Holy Ghost.  There is comfort in the Triune God!!

 Next Sunday is the 5th Sunday after Easter (Rogation Sunday).  Mass is at 10 am.  We are now reading Morning Prayer, then Mass.  That way we get the Old Testament Lesson added into our Liturgy.

Remember Bible Study is Tuesday @ 6:30 pm at Peet’s in the Hamilton Marketplace, Novato.  We are working our way through the Old Testament, now in the Book of Judges.  Bring your favorite Bible and join us for good coffee and discussion.

Apr 142013

Here is the link for today’s sermon from St Mark’s, http://stmarkschurchlarkspur.com/?page_id=155  . 

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday and we have the best Shepherd.  We all like sheep are gone astray, but He brings us back into the fold, using his church and His children to accomplish that.  God bless your week and please pray the Diocese of the Western States as we meet for Synod this week.  It will be wonderful to be with friends from the other churches throughout the Diocese.  No Bible Study Tuesday.  See you all next Sunday.

Fr. Jim+

Mar 232013

Last Sunday’s sermon is available. 

 Holy Week is upon us:

Palm Sunday Mass is at 10 am.
Maundy Thursday is at 5:30 pm.
Good Friday is at Noon.
Easter, the Day of Resurrection, is at 10 am.
Come to St Mark’s Church for your Spiritual needs this week.