History of St Mark’s Church


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Celebrating 25 years and counting….

 Late 1983, Gloria & Royal Jimerson helped form a new parish in Marin with the support of Bishop Robert S. Morse of Oakland. The Jimersons, Leila Delger and about 10 other faithfuls formed the nucleus of the new parish, which began meeting at the Tamalpias Women’s Center in Kentfield. Not long thereafter, Leila worked with the Planning Commission and others to get the permits necessary to change what had been the former Post Office in Larkspur into a regular church – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
Utilizing the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, Morning Prayer was read at 9:00 am Sundays with a priest from the traditional Episcopal Seminary in Berkeley coming to celebrate Holy Communion once a month. The first seminarian to lead the small church was Stephen Scarlett with various seminarians and priests leading the parish over the years. The Reverend David Napier became the regular priest in 1997 and continues to be our spiritual leader.
Gloria Jimerson was the Altar Guild Chair for many years before turning it over to Marion Blau shortly before she passed away in 2007. In the early years, Leila Delger provided the musical accompaniment and has continued to dedicate her time and beautiful stitchery to provide not only Altar clothes but also elaborate chasubles for the celebrants.
St. Mark’s is a part of the nationwide Christ the King diocese headquartered at St. Peters Cathedral in Oakland, California. With God’s blessings and dedicated parishioners, we are proud to be part of the Continuing Church and welcome you here today to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.