Altar Guild Mistress and Resident Artist


Marion makes sure we have all we need on the altar and in the sanctuary for each Mass.

Mrs. Marion Blau has been the Altar Guild Mistress for quite some time.

She always sets up for each service perfectly.  She is both knowledgeable

and timely.

Thank you, Marion

She also is a Stained Glass Artist, having created the most beautiful pieces including several Lamps, depicting those classic stories like the Wizard of Oz, Mr. Toad, and other favorites.  She recently completed a piece that will be part of the Silent Auction at the upcoming Diocesan Synod in May 2011.  Come to Synod and place your bid.  She is currently working on a piece for the church, which will hang prominently in our sanctuary.  We are blessed to have Marion as one of our members.  Come to St. Mark’s and meet an exceptional lady.