These Photos show the inside of the Church. 

Come and see!

  2 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Fr. Jim
    This is really a nice start. We need to get some of the photos from Hovetta’s cell phone to show the gathering we had last Sunday prior to the Marin Oratorio performance at College of Marin. It was a fun get together with a beautiful concert finishing out the day.

    Is there any way to bold the 24th to indicate Carols and the Holy Eucharist we will be having for Christmas Eve at 6:30 pm? I’m not sure what the significance of the 12th & 14th that are bolded on the calendar above.

    Thanks for taking on this leap into the 21st century for us. You are not only our new Priest but also our computer wizard. Thank you for all you are doing and for your enthusiasm. God is giving us new life through your good works. God Bless.

  2. I agree about new photos. We had such a great time last Sunday, both being with you all at church, the luncheon and the Music program. Bravo to Marin Oratorio for the fine presentation. We usually go to the St Helena Chamber Singer’s Presentation in Advent, but this year we were blessed to be with you. Music is most important because when we sing, we pray twice. See you all Christmas Eve.

    There will be no Morning Prayer at the church next Thursday, as we will be together in the evening for Christmas Eve at 6:30 pm.