Sep 122012
Sunday’s sermon is now posted, just click the link, The second essential of true and laudable service is Purity. After Love (which was the heart of last Sunday’s sermon), Purity is next. Remember this essential comes from the power of the Holy Ghost on our open hearts. Take a listen and check back for next weeks sermon, which will complete the three essentials of True and Laudable Service. Our service to the world and one another must be motivated by Love, empowered by the Holy Ghost to make it pure, and come out of a Singleness of Heart. 
Bible Study is Tuesday night in Novato at Peet’s at 6:30 pm.
Morning Prayer is Thursday Morning at St Mark’s at 10 am.
Sunday Morning Mass is at 10 am.
Sep 042012

Fr. Prudhomme’s sermon for last Sunday can be found by clicking on the link:

Bible Study Tuesday nights in Novato at Peet’s Hamilton Marketplace at 6:30 pm.  Bring a Bible and study with us. 

There will be an Advent Quiet Day on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, Dec. 6th, at St Mark’s.  Save the date.  There will be a meditation of two, morning prayer, Mass and time for Confessions.  Remember Confessions can also happen by appointment, by calling Fr. Prudhomme and scheduling a time.