Aug 272012
Yesterday’s Sermon (12th Sunday after Trinity) is uploaded. Check it out by clicking on the link. On Listening and Acting on the Word of God. Bible Study is Tuesday Night at 6:30 pm at Peet’s in Hamilton Marketplace. We continue on Deuteronomy. Bring you favorite Bible and join us. Sunday’s Mass is at 10 am for the 13th Sunday after Trinity. We will also sing a Patriotic Hymn for upcoming Labor Day. God and Country coexist, when we remember Him and seek His wisdom and Listen to it.
Please pray for a new organist for us.  Our Joanna has moved to Arizona and eventhough Leila is helping out, we would like to find a replacement.  If anybody has any ideas, please talk to Fr. Prudhomme or Leila or Lucinda about it.  We know the Good Lord will provide.  He always has for St. Mark’s.
Aug 182012

Three Suffragan Bishops of the Anglican Province of Christ the King (APCK) were consecrated today in services at St. Peter’s  Pro-Cathedral in Oakland. The Rt. Rev. Dr. John E. Upham, Jr., was consecrated Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of the Atlantic States. The Rt. Rev. Frank W. Brulc was consecrated Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of the Southwestern States. And The Rt. Rev. Donald M. Ashman was consecrated Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of the Western States.

Maintaining the Apostolic succession, the three new Bishops were consecrated by: The Most Rev. James E. Provence, Archbishop of the APCK and Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Western States; The Most Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse, Retired Archbishop of the APCK; The Rt. Rev. Frederick G. Morrison, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Southwestern States; and The Rt. Rev. William C. Wiygul, Retired Bishop Ordinary of the Southern States.

The new Bishops will continue as Rectors of their home churches. The Rt. Rev. Donald M. Ashman has been Rector of the Anglican Church of Our Saviour on the Westside of Los Angeles for over 25 years. The Rt. Rev. Frank W. Brulc is Rector of All Saints Anglican Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma. And The Rt. Rev. John E. Upham, Jr., is Rector of St. George’s Anglican Church, Raleigh, NC.



Aug 162012

Fr. Prudhomme’s sermon from Sunday is now posted.  Take a listen by following the link   If you are lacking peace in your life, this sermon may be speaking to you.  Your prayer life is key.  Join us for worship and the Mass on Sunday at 10 am.  Say your Morning and Evening Prayer with family and friends, or alone if you must.  Peace is obtained by frequent reception of Holy Communion.  The gifts of the Holy Ghost are for the church and are for real.

Yesterday, the Feast of the Assumption (Dormition) of our Lady, three new Bishops were consecrated at St. Peter’s Church (The Procatheral).  We welcome Bishops Ashman, Brulc and Upham the new apostles.   What a joyfilled consecration was experienced by the saints of the Province.  Pray for these three men of God as they respond to duties of their new office.

Tuesday, Archbishop Morse, addressed a large assembly before a reception for these three.  He spoke of the history of the founding of the Diocese of Christ the King.  The address was videotaped and it is hoped it will appear on the Provincial website soon.  Oral history is so important.  We heard from our founding Bishop in his own words.  He closed with the reading of an adress he made back then.  We were all struck with how current his words are to today.

If peace is missing in your life or the life of a friend or family member, please invite them to join us Sunday morning at 10 am for Mass.  The Blessed Sacrament can fill us all with the grace of the Holy Ghost.  Jesus and his Father (Abba) are saving a seat for you.  Isn’t it about time to do something about the lacks in your life.


Aug 072012

Fr Prudhomme and Susan have returned from their vacation refreshed.  Special thanks to Mr. Andrew Stinnett, who lead Morning Prayer while Father was gone.  He did a fine job.  It is good to see Drew’s growth as a leader. 

On a sad note, we said good bye for now to our Miss Joanna, our organist of the past couple of years, as she moved to Arizona, until Med School starts a year from now.  We hope she will be with us for Christmas, to play the organ.  Maybe we will be blessed with a duet again too. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Leila Delger, who is helping us out on the organ again.  We also sing a couple of hymns acapella.  Thanks choir for your help in making our worship holy. 

Last week the Prudhommes spent part of the evening with Mrs. Marion Blau, who was featured in the Marin IJ for her most excellent stained glass lamps, which are displayed in the lobby of Villa Marin.  If you have not seen her work, make plans to do so very soon.  See the photos on our webpage. and also in the Marin IJ

Lastly, The three consecrations to Bishop of Fathers Ashman, Brulc, and Upham will take place at St Peter’s Church in Oakland Wednesday morning, August 15.  Car pool is set up from Marin.  Make plans to attend this historic event.  Pray for these men as they prepare to offer themselves as a living sacrifice to Christ Jesus and His church.