Oct 042011

Fr. Prudhomme will be on vacation until October 23.  In his absence, Mr. Andrew Stinnett, our Lay Reader, will read Morning Prayer.  Ms. Joanna Sitzmann will play the organ, leading us in hymn, as is usual at St. Mark’s.  Weekly Bible Study and Morning Prayer will resume on the 25th and 27th, respectively.  Please come to St. Mark’s to support Drew as he leads the congregation by reading Morning Prayer.

Morning Prayer is part of the active prayer life of the church and has been for centuries.  Our form is done by the clergy and many lay men and women through out the Province daily.  The daily version we do may take 20 minutes, depending on the number of added prayers you might choose.  Each day has a lectionary, a list of Psalm (s), and two Scripture Readings.  The form begins on page 3 of the Book of Common Prayer.  Take a look and join the daily prayer life of the church.  You won’t be sorry for doing so.

Prayer for the sick: Bob, Ruth, Mignon, Royal, Fred, Joan, Tiger, Drew, Doug, Sue  and Virginia.  Pray for St Mark’s Church, read the prayer on page 37 BCP.  Pray for vocations, page 39 BCP or the Collect for Ember days, page 260 BCP.  Continue to pray for holy leaders in the USA and other countries throughout the world.  Pray for your clergy and your Archbishop as they travel.

Remember those who have asked for your  prayers.  Remember to thank God for all His is doing in your life and in the lives of friends and family.  Seek Him and His Kingdom, His righteousness, and all the other things will be added unto you.  This is a relief!!