Sep 252011

Fr. Prudhomme preached this morning.  You can find  the link to his sermon to the right under the page “Sermons” or by clicking .  He is doing well after the medical procedure last Monday.

  The Archbishop’s recent Ember Day letter is in the above sound file, so make sure you listen up.  We have begun in earnest to pray for vocations at St. Mark’s as the bishop requests.


     Bible Study is Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm at Peet’s in the Hamilton Market Place  in Novato.

     Morning Prayer is Thursday at 10 am at the church,

     Sunday next is the 15th Sunday after Trinity and Mass is at 10 am.

Please pray for Mr. Michael Price, who will undergo surgery tomorrow.  We pray for the benefactor of our new cross at St Mark’s.  Reminder that our Bible Study continues in Exodus, with the last of the plagues. 

We thank Mr. Fred Divine for his service as Junior Warden this past year.  During his time many good things happened at St Mark’s, most especially the painting of the outside of our church.  Fred is stepping down as Jr. Warden, effective immediately.  He will continue to visit us occasionally, but has asked to be relieved of duties as Junior Warden.  We will address his replacement at our next quarterly meeting in a few weeks.  We will miss Fred, Vicky and Jacob.  Vicky has agreed to continue the loan of one of her paintings to us for our parish hall.  Thank you, Vicky.

Sep 042011

Today’s sermon is uploaded to the church site. The Parable of the two men, a Pharisee and a publican, what to expect from God when we pray. Do we pray unto ourselves? God’s will as exampled by Jesus and Mary. Take a listen.

Have a wonderful Labor Day! Remember those who are not as fortunate as us, especially the unemployed. Pray for good leadership.

Our organist, Joanna, suffered a stroke last Thursday and had been in the hospital for the last few days.  She is now at home recovering.  Please continue to pray for her recovery and pray for her parents and family.

Tuesday 6:30 pm Bible Study at Peet’s Coffee in Hamilton Marketplace, Novato.  We continue our study in Exodus, with Moses getting his direction from God to save God’s people.  Leaving oppression of Egypt is an important first step for Israel.  Learning His will and following His commandments is still the first step for us.  Come join us, bring your favorite Bible.


Thursday 10:00 am Morning Prayer, followed by Leadership Committee, the Wardens, Treasurer and priest.  Please pray for us as we meet.


Sunday 10:00 am Mass on September 11.  We will remember the date and those who were affected by the events of the day.  Pray for our country.