Feb 132011

We will have Bible Study Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm, at Peet’s in the Hamilton Marketplace, Novato.  There will be a discussion about evil in the world, in light of the Manifestation of Jesus in the world in order to destroy the works of the devil.  Come and join us for the hour.

 Fr. and Mrs. Prudhomme will be away from the parish on February 20.  Susan is attending a Writer’s Conference in Gold Beach, Oregon.  There will not be Morning Prayer on February 17, nor Bible Study on February 22.  There will be Morning Prayer on February 24, the Feast of St. Matthias.  Susan’s first two novels were recently published and can be obtained from her, please ask.

Fr. David Webb will be saying Mass on February 20, Septuagesima Sunday.  Please welcome him to St. Mark’s.  It is an opportunity to visit with another priest from the Diocese.  Fr. Webb is a dear friend and the parish will enjoy his being here.

 On February 27, we will hold our Annual Meeting.  Please plan to attend.  We will look at our budget and plans for the year.  We will also elect our delegate for Synod and have thanksgivings for all that which we have been blessed.

Synod dates are Thursday, May 19, thru Saturday, May 21.  Our very own Mrs. Marion Blau has graciously offered her latest Stained glass piece, a wonderfully colorful and artistic gem, for the Silent Auction at the Synod.  She will also be featured on the Scrap Book pages for St. Mark’s in the Diocesan Book.  We thank God for Marion for all she is and all she does at St Mark’s.

We are entering Pre-Lent next Sunday.  The three weeks before Lent officially begins are the perfect time to consider taking on a Lenten discipline.  Some ideas of discipline include coming to Bible Study on Tuesday evenings, Morning Prayer on Thursday mornings or perhaps reading Sacred Scripture each day.  You may consider extra prayer time, like daily Morning and Evening Prayer, or reading a devotional.  Other ideas include the giving up of certain foods or drinks during Lent.  You may want to go to Confession.  If you do, please contact Fr. Prudhomme.  Fasting and Abstaining are also part of traditional Lenten discipline. 

 Instead of a Lenten Quiet Day this year, Fr. Prudhomme will be presenting Lenten Meditations each Tuesday at the Bible Study at 6:30 pm.  The plan is that we will do these at the Church as sometimes Peet’s gets to noisy for absorbing the material.  (More to follow at the annual meeting)  The meditations come from Fr. Andrew’s The Seven Words from the Cross.  They were originally written for the three hour devotion of Good Friday.

Ash Wednesday services will begin Lent and start at 10 am on March 9, with Mass and the Imposition of Ashes, from the Book of Common Prayer.

Feb 062011

Today’s sermon is now on the web: http://stmarkschurchlarkspur.com/?page_id=155

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares and our Christian life.  The parable as viewed with the eyes of the Epistle.


                 Tuesday Night Bible Study 6:30 pm at Peet’s Hamilton Marketplace (So. Novato)  We will look at the citations of Satan in the Bible.  We must know the enemy so we know when he is in attack mode.  Then and always we must put on the whole armor of Christ (before).

                 Thursday Morning Prayer 10 am at the church

                 Sunday Mass 10 am at the Church, the 6th Sunday after Epiphany.

Father and Mrs. Prudhomme will be away from the parish on Sunday, February 20, Septuagesima Sunday, as Susan will be participating in a writer’s conference in Gold Brach, OR.  There will be no Morning Prayer on February 24 and no Bible Study on February 22.  Fr. Dave Webb, from Sacramento will be visiting St Mark’s on February 20.  Please welcome him to St Mark’s and make his visit wonderful.

                Annual Meeting will be on the following Sunday, February 27, following Mass and during our coffee hour.  We will elect a delegate for Synod, take a look at the past year, our budget for this year, and look at some upcoming projects.  Please plan to attend and participate.  If you are unable to attend and have comments or questions, please contact the Bishop’s Warden, Mrs. Lucinda Smith, or Fr. Prudhomme with your concerns.

Upcoming Kalendar:

                Ash Wednesday is one month away.   The plan is to have Mass and the imposition of Ashes starting at 10 am at the Church.

                A Lenten Quiet Day is being planned.  Please let Father know whether a week day or Saturday would work for you.  The Sacrament of Confession, Penance, will be available during the quiet day and always by appointment other days.

                The Bible study during lent on Tuesday evenings will focus on meditations of the last words of Christ on the Cross.  Plan to join us for these as  Lenten discipline.  More will be said about discipline in the days to come.