Jan 312011

The sermon is uploaded, check for Sermons to the right.  Also check Father’s Blog for more, http://fatherjimprudhomme.com/?p=222

Kalendar for the week:

            Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 pm at Peet’s, Hamilton Market Place in Novato

            Thursday Morning Prayer 10 am at the Church

            Sunday Mass 10 am at the Church

The New Year has brought some wonder with it.  We have three resident artists at St Mark’s.  The three have given us beauty.  Showing forth the gifts God has given them, during the time when we celebrate Christ’s showing forth, has been a delight for the whole body..

We have a gorgeous, new addition to our social area.  Thanks to one of our resident artists, Mrs. Vicky Divine, who has more on display in the Gallery located at 4th and D Streets, San Rafael.  She is on the web at: http://vickydivine.blogspot.com/

The landscape added much interest Sunday.  We hope our artist is feeling better.  She missed all the wonderful comments and appreciations.  Thanks, Vicky!

Another resident artist, Mrs. Susan Prudhomme, just finished the final editing on her first two novel to be published.  They should be available within the next couple of weeks.  The Forest and The Wisdom of Ambrose are a fun read, with a spiritual depth that is a trademark of the author.  She will soon submit the sequel to The Forest that is now called The Desert.

Another resident artist, Mrs. Marion Blau, has just finished a stained glass work that she is donating to the Diocese of the Western States upcoming Synod in May.  Marion has created many stained glass pieces that tell stories that we all know.  Mr. Toad was one of Fr. Jim’s favorites, but it was hard to choose.  We hope to see more from our artist in the future.

We are in the process of applying new paint to the outside of our Church building, many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Divine, who are graciously spearheading the project.  Many thanks to all those who have given feedback on the color scheme.  The Divine family is involved in this project.  There will be opportunities soon for the rest of the parish to join in.

 If you have not visited St Mark’s in a while, make plans to see the above works.  Fr. Jim will save you a seat.

Jan 252011

The sermon is uploaded from last Sunday.  Church activities are as follows:

Tuesday is Bible Study at Peet’s in Hamilton Marketplace at 6:30 pm, when we finish studying Ruth, looking at salvation.  What a wonderful Book of the Bible.

Thursday is Morning prayer at the church at 10 am.

Sunday is the 4th Sunday after Epiphany, Mass is at 10 am.  We will sing, give God praise and worship.  We will spend some time following Mass with refreshment and fellowship.  Come join us this Sunday.

Jan 102011

Sunday’s sermon is uploaded to this site, see the sermons page.


      Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Bible Study at Peet’s Coffee, Hamilton Marketplace, Novato

      Thursday at 10:00 am, Morning Prayer at the Church

      Sunday at 10:00 am Mass at the Church, the Second Sunday after Epiphany.

We are in the middle of our pledge Drive and the forming of a budget for 2011.  Please include a pledge card in the collection plate this Sunday or next.  This will help us put together a budget for the year.  Thank you for your giving during 2010.

Jan 022011

The sermon from today is uploaded. The Good News from the Heart of God, from Isaiah through Christ’s Birth, His ministry, even until now; what will you do with it?

Kalendar for the week:

Bible Study Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm at Peet’s, Novato (Hamilton)
No Mass for Thursday at 10 am, but Morning Prayer

Next Sunday Mass at 10 am, 1st Sunday after Epiphany, The Manifestation of Christ to the Whole World. Come and adore Christ in the Beauty of Holiness!

It was wonderful to see all those who have been travelling for the holidays back at Church this morning and a special blessing to Ann and Bob for their Anniversary.  May God’s love be sufficeint. 

We pray also for Drew, who was sick this morning.  Now we know.