Oct 242010

Today’s sermon is uploaded to the church site ( look  to the right column for “sermons” ).  Faith, as in the shield of faith, is the cornerstone of the armor.  Faith like that of the certain nobleman, who believed the word of Christ, and acted on it, found his child healed.  We need to put on the armor each day and pray!

Fr. Prudhomme will be on retreat this week with clergy and seminarians of the Province at the Carmelite Monastery in Oakville, CA.  Please pray for the men attending the retreat.  There will be NO Bible Study or Morning Prayer this week because of the retreat.

Sunday next is our Provincial Feast day, The Feast of Christ the King.  We will have sung Mass with incense to celebrate the day, beginning at 10 am at St Mark’s Church.  Come and join the Victory Party!  Christ is our King!!!!

Oct 182010

Sunday’s sermon is up on the church website, look in the right hand column of this site.  Joy and the Kingdom, both are topics that we looked at yesterday. 

St. Luke’s Day is today.  Read from the Gospel or Acts today and remember one of the best historians of Christendom. 
Tuesday’s Study at Peet’s in Novato at 6:30 pm (Hamilton Marketplace) will focus on Luke. 

Thursday Morning Prayer at 10 at the Church. 
Sunday, as always, Mass at 10 at the church. 

Remember in your prayers: Liz, Royal, Bob, Mignon, Ruth, Doug, Bill, Dannika, Jeff, Fred and give thanks for all the wonderful things God is doing in the church.

Mark your calendars:

October 31, we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, with sung Mass, as we pray for our Province and celebrate all that God is doing throughout the church.  We remember most especially our Archbishop, James, and the clergy and saints of the Province.  Mass begins at 10 am.

Decenber 12, we will once again have a wonderful day of food, fellowship and music.  The College of Marin Oratorio will perform “The Seasons” by Haydn, following Mass and a noon gathering of the saints at Mrs. Leila Delger’s home for a potluck luncheon.

Oct 122010

The Church Kalendar includes:

Bible Study tonight, October 12, Tuesday, at Peet’s in the Hamilton Marketplace.  We continue with standalone lessons at 6:30 pm.  Come join us for refreshment and study.

Morning Prayer at the Church on Thursday morning at 10 am.  We will celebrate the Feast of Teresa of Avila a day early.

Sunday Mass at the Church at 10 am.  Come join us for worship, hymns, prayer and Holy Communion.  Visit with us at Coffee Hour after the service.

Oct 072010

Father and Mrs. Prudhomme have returned from a good vacation.  There may be a slide show during coffee hour. 

Remember to invite someone to Church.  It may be the best thing you do all week.  What the world needs now is…GOD, His love and mercy.  Jesus came that we might have abundant life.  Open your hearts unto the Lord God.

 There has not been a Bible Study the past week.  Bible Study will begin again next Tuesday, October 12 and thereafter.  We meet at Peet’s Hamilton Marketplace in Novato.  Remember Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. 

 Thursday we have Morning Prayer at the Church at 10 am.

Sunday is 19th Sunday after Trinity and we will look at what it means to have a teachable heart.  Come join us for Praise, worship, study, prayer and fellowship.