Mar 232010

I have just finished listening to the attached song, “Friend of God.”  (

 Though we don’t have music like this in our church, the intimacy that we have with God, through Jesus Christ, is expressed in this song.  We are excited to have a Savior so close. We believe though we are more than friends with God, We are SONS through Christ Jesus.  I would put my favorite hymn up against this song any day. Picardy is rich as a choir anthem or as a solo here:

Being a friend of God seems to put us on par with God, whereas Picardy calls it like it is.  God  is Almighty and all loving, we are His people and He is our God.  Being drawn by Him into intimacy, by His action, is very different than a friendship.  Friends come and go in this shallow world, our relationship with Him lasts a lifetime and beyond. 

We do have a special relationship well beyond mere friendship; it is close, so close that our Lord and Savior gave his life for us.  If that is the kind of friendship we have with Him, then I celebrate this song.  The love that is sacrificial, that we would give our very life for our friends, is a reflection of His awesome love.  Celebrate this Love today, even while Lent is upon us.  Easter is only days away.  And Christmas was just a few days ago in God’s time.

 Don’t just come to church on Easter and Christmas.  We celebrate the Creation, Incarnation, Passion and Death, and the Resurrection every Sunday.  Come and see, worship the King of kings, with friends, family and those who were previously mere strangers before His love touched them.

Are you a Friend and a Son?